November 02, 2004

Conte, Kenteris Complaining

Two unrelated yet somehow similar stories in the last week about drugs in sport.

Sunday, Kostas Kenteris spoke out to deny that he and Katerina Thanou faked their motorcycle accident in Athens this summer.

Today, Victor Conte's lawyer moved to have the case against his client dismissed. Conte is one of the defendants in the ongoing BALCO case.

The two stories may be directly related. The two Greek athletes have been implicated in the BALCO investigation by at least one source.

The other thing connecting these two stories is that neither Kenteris nor Conte is actually denying the central charge against them. Kenteris is claiming that he wasn't properly given notice for the drug test he missed in Athens. Conte is claiming miscondunct by the U.S. Attorney's office. Both legitimate legal points, and no doubt important to the individuals involved; but technicalities in the big picture. Basically, both of the accused are arguing that they aren't being given a fair trial, without denying real wrongdoing.

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