March 10, 2006

A Disclosure

I discovered this week that I am a member of the Canadian Olympic Committee.

Now, you might find it surprising that one can become a member of the COC and not know it. I am what is called an A Member of the COC, which means that I was appointed by a National Sport Federation. I assumed that appointment in December, when I took on a new volunteer position with my favourite NSF. You will not find my name on the COC's lists of members, yet, and I was not aware that COC Membership was one of the responsibilities that went with the job. Let's just call it a pleasant surprise.

Now: back in the comments here, I explicitly denied being a member of the COC. I hope we can avoid a federal commission to determine what I did and didn't know at the time, but that statement was false when I made it. I apologize.

Otherwise, in all posts going back to December 2005, please substitute "we" for "they" and "us" for "them" when I have referred to the COC. Going forward, this circumstance will probably not change much about this blog. I have been mostly supportive of the COC, anyway, and I am sure that there is room for informed debate.

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