May 25, 2006

More Blogs by Athletes: A Pair of Skate(r)s

My Google Blog Search RSS feed recently led me to a blog called The Protocol written by US Speed Skater Eva Rodansky. The post I stumbled into was an interesting look at the differences between the very successful US and Canadian Speed Skating programs. Rodansky referred to another speed skating blog, Zen and the Art of Speedskating, written by Andrew Love.

These two blogs, together, offer a fascinating look at speed skating in the US. Neither Rodansky nor Love is a big star in the sport, but both are high-performance skaters. Although the two are friends, their blogs are very different.

Rodansky can barely bring herself to say anything positive about US Speedskating; she wields The Protocol like a weapon against her enemies. Some of it is quite difficult to read — not because it's poorly written (it isn't) but because of her ferocity.

Love's blog is personal in a different way; he is more positive, and more poetic. Here is Love discussing Rodansky's blog.

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