August 01, 2012

Almost there ...

Back in January, a group of CanoeKayak Canada volunteers and members of the canoeing family committed to Get Excellent in 2012, inspired by our Olympic athletes.

I have not provided regular updates on my exercise program, but it has been even better than I expected. We are now 11 days from the completion of that challenge, and tonight I am heading to London!

From my perspective in front of the television, these have already been a fascinating Games. Those of you who know me will not be surprised to find out that I have some strong opinions about the events so far.

I'll try to provide updates on my perceptions (and a few o those opinions, no doubt) on this blog over the next couple of weeks. And I'll definitely keep up with the daily fitness challenge! For those of you out there who are still committed -- or want to recommit -- let's shoot for something special for workout #224 on August 12!

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