February 17, 2005

Rogers/CTV Win Olympic Rights

Last week, Canadian broadcast rights for the 2010 and 2012 Olympic games were awarded to Rogers/CTV. The bid group includes english broadcasters CTV, TSN, OLN, and the regional Rogers SportsNets, which makes the possibilities pretty intriguing:
The plan is for CTV to carry the opening and closing ceremonies, plus the major sports events on its free, over-the-air channels. Sportsnet's four regional cable channels plus TSN will have the ability to show entire events, from start to finish. "The tastes are changing in sports," said CTV president Rick Brace. "People want to be able to watch the events they want to see and they want to be able to watch them in their entirety and they want to be able to watch them live."

All true. Not mentioned, however, is the fact that people also want to watch the events with decent commentary and analysis! According to past experience, this is much more likely to occur on CBC than it is on CTV (all my previous complaints about Brian Williams aside ...).

It's possible that I am being unfair to the on-air staff at CTV/TSN/OLN/Rogers. Maybe they are not nearly as bad as I remember from the last time CTV hosted the games. At the very least, I will look forward to the increased coverage of the events — even if I have to watch with the sound turned down!

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