March 02, 2005

Hudson's Bay Company to Outfit Canadian Olympians

The COC announced today that the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) will be providing the clothing and luggage for the Canadian Olympic team in 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012.

Canada's winter Olympic teams wore HBC gear for more than three decades, apparently including the famous Hudson's Bay Blanket Jacket on at least one occasion in the sixties. But in recent years Roots has really sparked the public interest and turned the Olympic uniform into a very popular line of merchandise. Roots will still be providing several Olympic team uniforms in 2006, including the U.S. team.

My wager is that our athletes won't be thrilled about the change. The Bay is nowhere near as cool as Roots, no matter how you look at it — and don't even talk to me about Zellers. Sure, Roots made a few boners now and then — I really didn't like that hockey-jersey podium suit in 2000 — but overall the clothing was attractive and well-made. Hopefully HBC can maintain that standard.


miesv said...

Oh, the Hudson's Bay blanket thing. I guess all one could use HBC uniforms or sports clothes for would be to hook rugs! How could the COC ever contemplate NOT using Roots! The best ever team uniforms and made us a team to be noticed...

Amateur said...

Are you going to let me get away with that shot at Zellers?