September 18, 2005

More Problems With EPO Test

The urine test for recombinant EPO continues to show reliability problems. Triathlete Magazine is reporting that WADA has been forced to discard two more positive EPO tests:

Of the 10 urine samples analyzed from Ironman Lanzarote, … two were positive for r[ecombinant]EPO, one was non-detectable, three were "non-qualifiable" and four were negative. The fact that four of the samples were either non-detectable or non-qualifiable is clearly suggestive of a major issue regarding the analytical procedures.

The two nominally positive tests have been thrown out by WADA.


Anonymous said...
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L-girl said...

Hi Amateur, it's L-girl from "we move to canada". Thought I'd check out your blog. I see you've got some comment spam going on...

Anyway, I'm very intrigued that you are a former Olympic athlete! I have written extensively about the Paralympics - the premiere competition for athletes with disabilities that is held after the Olympics - and in general I'm very interested in non-professional athletes. I'll check out your blog.

Thanks for visiting wtmc.

Amateur said...

Hi L-girl, and welcome. I also "moved to canada" (in my case back to Canada) about six years ago, after six years in the US as a graduate student.

I have not written much here about the Paralympics but I am a fan.

As a Canadian cultural reference you might find
this post interesting.