February 19, 2010

2010 Olympics Day 6: Defiant Fatigue

The COC issued this flash quote from Canadian biathlete Megan Tandy after the 15 km race on Day 6:

I felt pretty decent on the ski trails, defiantly fatigued on the last loop though.

To all my friends on the Mission Team: I wish you defiance in your fatigue as you start Day 7!

On another somewhat superficial note, Canada witnessed another one of Maëlle Ricker's talents tonight. If you didn't hear it, the Snowboardcross Olympic champion stepped into the CTV broadcast booth for a chat and started giving great commentary on the half-pipe competition she was watching. She sounded like a pro.

The usual medal table and picture are presented below. Day 7 is looking like a great chance to get on the "plus" side of my original prediction, and also a great chance for the Whistler team's first medal. For those of you in North America who are supposed to be working today, I'll point you to the great Vancouver 2010 official web site, where (for example) you can monitor live race splits in progress in the Men's Super G this afternoon.

I also love the GeoView presentation of the 2010 Athletes.

Sport Event Athlete Category Result Impact
Initial Prediction         27.05
Day 1         -0.75
Day 2         +0.45
Day 3         -0.50
Day 4         +0.00
Day 5         -0.70
Speed Skating - LT 1,000 m - W Nesbitt, Christine Lock GOLD +0.10
Speed Skating - LT 1,000 m - W Groves, Kristina Outside 4th -0.10
Figure Skating Singles - M Chan, Patrick Possibility 5th -0.35
Snowboard Halfpipe - W Nicoll, Mercedes Outside 6th -0.10
Alpine Ski Super Combined Brydon, Emily Outside 14th -0.10
Day 6         -0.55
Current         25.00

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