April 19, 2005

More Confusion Over Olympic Programme

Well, at least I am getting more confused by the day.

Several news outlets reported yesterday that IOC chairman Jaques Rogge "reassured" the heads of the international sports federations that nobody would be dropped from the Olympic programme. I had a hard time understanding how that could be, if Rogge really planned to put each sport to a majority vote of the IOC delegates.

This more detailed story ran under a similar headline, but contains a more ambiguous quote from Rogge:

There should be no anxiety. The process will be a totally fair process. Reading the report, I have only one conclusion. We have very strong federations, and strong federations should have nothing to fear.

This is not quite a promise, is it?

The article also confirms that the plan to put the 28 sports to a majority vote is only one of several options being considered. The decision-making procedure will be decided in the next week.

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