April 15, 2005

Team Selection in Curling

There's a new BlogSpot blog about Curling and recently Alan Adamson wrote a post contrasting Canada's and Great Britain's selection processes for the 2006 Winter Olympics. Canada allows curlers to make up their own teams, has a head-to-head competition, and sends the winner. Great Britain attempts to construct one "super-rink" from its best players, regardless of whether they normally curl together or not. Alan later posted that the U.S. is following essentially the Canadian approach.

Athlete selection for team sports is an interesting topic and always the matter of some debate. I felt that I could add something to Alan's post and my comment turned into a fairly long essay (surprise!), which you can read at the bottom of the post. You can add your own comments, but be warned that Curling does not accept anonymous comments so you will need a Blogger username.

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