April 17, 2005

Olympic Programme Review Complete

Following up on my recent posts about the Olympic programme: this Reuters story notes that the IOC Programme Commission has completed its report reviewing the summer Olympic sports.

Included in the article is this interesting statement:

While the Programme Commission's report remains private, IOC insiders say it is unlikely any sport will be dropped from the Games programme, thus denying any new entry.

The AP version of the same story confirms the anonymous tip, and also implies that the 28 existing sports might not be put to a majority vote at July's session:

While details have not been finalized, the IOC is considering putting the 28 sports to a roll call vote in Singapore. Members would vote one sport at a time on whether it should remain or be cut. Removal of a sport would require a vote of at least a majority of the 100-plus members.

How long before the report is leaked to the press?

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